Soccer drills for U4 and U6 (ages 4, 5 and 6) should be fun and teach fundamental soccer skills. There should NOT be any lines because standing in line is a bad way to practice. Standing in line is boring, a waste of time, and isn't fun. Standing in line can cause kids to quit soccer. The best way for U4 and U6 to practice is by using No Lines Soccer Drills that are Fun Games.

The best soccer drills for 6 year olds, U4 and U6 are not actually drills, they are Practice Games.

The Best U6 Soccer Drills are Fun Practice Games

Soccer Practice Games are games that are fun and are designed to teach soccer skills. The difference between Practice Games and a lot of soccer games is that a lot of soccer games are fun but don't teach skills. For example, crawling on the ground, using elbows, or picking up the ball might be fun, but that isn't teaching skills and can actually teach bad habits - it is hard enough to teach kids to NOT pick up the ball without encouraging it in practice. Soccer Help Soccer Practice Games are great fun, teach the most important soccer skills, and keep kids active because there are No Lines. That's right - No Lines. Whatever you do, AVOID drills that have young kids standing in line - that is the WORST way to practice and kids will start to hate coming to practice because it isn’t fun.

Fun Soccer Drills for Kids

The SoccerHelp training program is the best way to train young players. It is also more fun. That's why there are over 1,000 Testimonials from coaches. That isn't a misprint - there are 1,000 unsolicited Testimonials from coaches. Read them for yourself and see what youth soccer coaches say.

You can check out the SoccerHelp soccer drills and games at this link soccer drills and practice games.